Not long after his birth in a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania, Joseph Giovannoli’s family moved to Northern New Jersey. During his formative years, he became interested in science and history. As a boy, he realized that reality wasn’t the same for everyone and wondered what caused people to “see” the same event in different ways. As he matured, his interests in a broad range of topics lead to his developing the perspective of a generalist. In time he studied science and applied science at Stevens Institute of Technology and law at Fordham University School of Law. After receiving a Juris Doctorate from Fordham, he joined the law department at Union Carbide in New York City. Subsequently, he co-founded a law firm located in South Orange, New Jersey, and soon became involved in entrepreneurial ventures. One startup venture involving computer technology provided services to Fortune 500 companies and agencies of the Federal Government. To streamline purchasing at that startup, he invented and received an early e-commerce patent for an automated reverse auction purchasing system. Zillow and LendingTree acquired licenses to use that technology. In recognition of that invention, he was inducted into the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame as Inventor of the Year in 2013. 


As time permitted during his career, he continued research into why people perceive reality in widely different ways. In 2000 he published The Biology of Belief that incorporated his understanding of then-existing research into neurological and cultural processes that influence how we perceive reality. Since then, the internet has enabled non-academics to gain expanded access to neurological research. Recent research, which uses new brain imaging technology, enabled him to formulate original concepts that explain the various ways in which we perceive reality. In Seeing Reality As It Is, he describes how different versions of reality derive from our inherited brain differences, from beliefs we inherit, and from beliefs shaped by our genetic chaperones. 


An avid reader of research abstracts and a student of history from the Big Bang to today, he and his wife Shirley Wescott reside in Northern New Jersey.