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Why do we have very different views of climate change, political polarization, and even reality itself? One reason is that we inherit various biases and traits or “genetic chaperones” that help us to survive by creating false perceptions of reality—and our different “chaperones” cause us to see different realities. Also, hackers use social media data about our chaperones to give us “personalized” propaganda. The author describes ways to deal with these problems.


With major political, ecological, social, and scientific issues of the day under assault, often resulting in extreme viewpoints and little agreement, Seeing Reality As It Is comes at a crucial time in our history.

An original, highly intriguing theory on how and why beliefs are formed, inherited and transmitted.­


Giovannoli’s prose is technical, yet accessible, and he does an admirable job of explaining his theories to the general reader.

Giovannoli...seeks to synthesize the findings of many fields of study—genetics, neuroscience, psychology, history, cosmology, and more—in order to put forth a cohesive theory for our individualized perceptions.


This is an informative and interesting book for those curious about why people can have such diametrically opposed opinions, beliefs and perceptions of the same event or idea.